Frankford Neighborhood, Philadelphia, PA

Frankford Pause is the name of the part art environment, part pocket park that will serve as the premier outdoor event venue and community hub for the Frankford neighborhood of Philadelphia. Beginning as an idea for a pop-up event space by the Frankford Community Development Corporation (FCDC), the original concepts were generated by a design team Lead by Alexa Bosse and Ari Miller and organized by the Community Design Collaborative. The early drawings allowed the FCDC to successfully seek grants, including an ArtPlace America grant, for the construction of a permanent park. The transition from a pop-up concept to a permanent park has allowed Hinge and FCDC to leverage the park as a phased tool for increased community involvement and ownership. Phase one of the park was constructed in the winter of 2017/2018 and will be well used over the course of the summer, packed with events and activities facilitated by the FCDC. Design of the final buildout of the park will take place following an in-depth post occupancy evaluation of phase 1 park and a robust community engagement program. Follow our adventures at Frankford Pause through the summer on our feed!