Frankford Neighborhood, Philadelphia, PA

Frankford Pause is the name of the part art environment, part pocket park that has been developed in a former vacant lot in the heart of the Frankford neighborhood of Philadelphia. Located at a pivotal intersection between the commercial corridor and residential neighborhood, it also lies adjacent to the main transportation hub for the community.

This multi-phased project, under the leadership of Frankford Community Development Corporation (FCDC), is intended to serve as the premier outdoor event venue and community hub. The pilot phase, designed by Hinge Collective, was completed in early 2018. It has been a phased tool for Hinge and FCDC to leverage the involvement of the community to test out ideas of incremental placemaking, event programming, community engagement opportunities, and co-creation and building experimentation with youth. The past year has seen increased community involvement and ownership along with improved perceptions of the neighborhood among those visiting the park for planned events or individual recreation.

Design of the final build-out of the park has been informed by the rigorous and in-depth post occupancy evaluation completed by Hinge over the spring/summer of 2018. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2019.